Is there a stand-down period for cover?

Yes, 7 day stand-down period applies for treatments relating to illness (including any follow up or ongoing Treatments relating to any condition or symptom that occurs within the stand down period). No stand down applies for treatments that are a result of an accident

What is a hereditary condition and are they covered?

No. Hereditary Conditions are defined as conditions that occur in your Cat or Dog where the breed has a genetic predisposition to that condition. These conditions may or may not be apparent in the pets parents however they show a clearly familial pattern of occurrence, or a clear breed predisposition, as evidenced by a markedly increased odds ratio of the disease occurring in that breed when compared with the general Dog or Cat population.

Are Pre-Existing conditions covered?

No. Pre-existing condition(s) are excluded. Pre-existing conditions are those that were in existence before the Commencement Date OR diseases that were in existence and / or treated before the Commencement Date OR any medical or surgical procedures that occurred before the Commencement Date

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim for reimbursement of Veterinary fees, the Owner needs to contact Pet Protect requesting a claim form be sent by phone 0800 738 776 or email
The Owner must notify the Company and provide a completed claim form no later than 2 weeks after the expiry date of this Cover.
We will acknowledge receipt of your claim and our in-house Claims Team will manage your claim. Our goal is to make the process as stress free as possible for you.

How long does it take to process my claim?

While some claims are more complex than others and can take longer to effectively manage, we are committed to processing your claim as efficiently as possible. And we don't just say that, we do that - 98% of claim payments are made within 14 days; 99.5% within 21 days!

What is your Financial Strength Rating?

All licensed insurers are required to have a financial strength rating ("FSR") from a rating agency authorised for this purpose by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Beneficial Insurance Limited has been rated B++ Outlook Stable by AM Best Company. The AM Best company financial strength rating scale is as follows:
A++, A+ (Superior), A, A- (Excellent), B++, B+ (Good)
B, B- (Fair), C++, C+ (Marginal), C, C- (Weak), D (Poor), E (Under Regulatory Supervision)